It will still be online until e if things might change
I might be able to continue? But for now the website will not be 'running' anymore
Welcome to the
American Indian Prisoners

"You cannot imprison the Indian spirit"

April 2008

Hello to everyone,

In December 2007 I had to decide stop updating my website with new ads.
So, it will will not be 'running' anymore which means that no new things
will be posted and no new ads/requests will be taken!

This is a choice I had to made considering things happening in my private
life that need my full attention and devotion now. Also my finances are
very limited, plus through major computer problems I became so much behind
with everything that it would take forever to catch up with all new requires.

The website will be online until at least March 2009 though, because I want
for those who were already on my website before I made this decision to still
have the possibility to find pen pals.

But! Good news! A friend of mine here in Holland, her name is Elly, has
decided to take in all requires I still receive and place these ads on her
own web pages, click on the banner below and you will find out more!

My best regards to all of you and thanks for all compliments given through
the years!

Jessie Metz

Your friend Jessie


I strongly advise that no-one under theage of 18should ever correspond with prisoners
under any circumstances.

I sincerely hope you will be successful in making  some worthwhile new friendships and I ask that you 
treat all the prisoners with the same respect and courtesy that you would like them to offer you.

The aim of American Indian Prisoners is to provide friendship and moral support, and anyone abusing this 
will be removed from the website.

Openly racist and sexist remarks are not appropriate for this website and will not be placed online.



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