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Native American Embassy News Service (NAENS) - : November 22, 2007: [Garfield Municipal Gangster: William (Bada Bing) Colacino]

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November 27, 2007 / Volume 2007 - Number 1127

Top Story: Garfield Judge Colacino Removed From Bench!


Garfield's Municipal Mob Judge Colacino Implicated in Money Laundering Conspiracy. Two Weeks Pass & Judge Finally Removed.
What Took So Long?

Due to an excessive workload and insufficient number of writers, reporters and other volunteers, we regret that we must postpone most, if not all, news until further notice. This News Page will simply list a number of News Items & a number of Titles that will be coming.

Reprinted (Respectfully but Without Permission) By MINISTER ThunderWolfe VON NOAKER
.c The Native American Embassy News Service (NAENS)
GARFIELD, New Jersey. (November 27 - 7:48 a.m.)
More News Photos Coming
Garfield judge relieved of duties
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GARFIELD -- William GARFIELD -- William C. Colacino Jr., the Garfield municipal judge with alleged ties to an elaborate real estate scheme in Paterson, has been removed temporarily from his seat by Garfield City Manager Thomas Duch.

Colacino, who has not been indicted or identified by federal prosecutors in that case, was relieved of his responsibilities last week by Duch, with Bergen County presiding Municipal Judge Roy McGeady replacing Colacino until further notice.

"The press has indicated that his initials have come up frequently in this case, but at this point without an indictment, they're just allegation," Duch said. "You're innocent until proven guilty on one side, and on the other side, people are coming into Municipal Court to have cases heard, and they're having their case heard by a judge who keeps being referred to in the press."

On Nov. 14, Mahwah Realtor Michael Eliasof pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Newark to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering for his role in artificially inflating the value of properties and selling them to unqualified buyers. He admitted to profiting by between $1 million and $2.5 million and making kickback payments to his co-conspirators. A Herald News review of real estate documents found that Colacino, who had a private law practice in Garfield, acted as the closing attorney on more than a dozen real estate transactions with Eliasof, who oversaw the scam.

In the federal charge, Eliasof's 10 co-conspirators are listed only by initials. A Garfield attorney identified as "W.C." maintained a trust fund for a number of deals. Last week, Colacino's assistant, Melanie Gebbia, a notary public on more than a dozen of the deals, pleaded guilty to failing to report to the Internal Revenue Service income she received from the scheme.

Colacino declined to comment on Monday, but his attorney, Miles Feinstein of Clifton, said his client denies any wrongdoing.

"Our position is he's done nothing wrong," Feinstein said. "He's presumed to be innocent, and he has not been contacted by federal authorities up until this point, nor have I."

Colacino is not suspended, but McGeady and Duch said they thought it better for him to withdraw from the courtroom until he is either cleared or indicted.

"There is nothing that precludes him from sitting next week," McGeady said. "He hasn't been charged, and we don't have access to information that could preclude him from hearing cases."

Judge Sybil Moses, assignment judge of Bergen County, will refer the matter to the state Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, according to a memo Duch sent to the mayor and council.

If Colacino is indicted, Duch said he would push for Colacino's removal; however it would be up to the state Supreme Court to discipline Colacino, according to Winnie Comfort, spokeswoman for the Administrative Office of the Courts. "The only body with the authority to discipline a judge in his judicial role is the Supreme Court," Comfort said.

Colacino makes $46,728 as a municipal judge in Garfield, a position he has held since 1984. Municipal judges are appointed by the local authority every three years, according to McGeady. Colacino's term ends in January 2009.

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Judge Bada Bing (William) Colacino Implicated in Property Flipping & Money Laundering Sceme: Possible Tax Evasion:

[Garfield Municipal Gangster Bada Bing (William) Colacino Retired In Disgrace & Dead: The Curse Continues]

Are your children playing in a back yard contaminated with cancer causing PCB's?
Your yard may be loaded with it from blown-out power transformers!
Coming, is a full story on the PCB loaded transformers around and about Garfield and the potential hazard to your health and life. An exclusive interview with appropriate professionals and other experts.

      Why are corrupt & evil judges passing judgement over others within Garfield and other American Courtrooms?
Why are they not removed?
About the only political figure that is worse than a corrupt local or national politician, is a corrupt judge!
And yet our Governments, like Garfield, New Jersey, a city rampant with corruption by a number of it's police, fire fighters, council members, and even those running the Department of Public Works, permit this evil to continue uninterupted, unchallenged & unabated.
Citizens of Garfield & other American Cities sit back and do nothing, even though it is within their power to effect just & positive action.

Witness to this is the Garfield Council's refusal to remove James Mazzer (former Housing Code Enforcer & Abuser), Sam Garafolo of the Garfield Department of Public Works, both of whom held their positions illegally while engaging in their practices, as unqualified and unlicenced (uncertificated), as required by New Jersey State Law.

Instead, this City Council maliciously removed the Garfield City Manager who himself was a victim of the forementioned Municipal Bullies. Only Councilman Louis (Doctor Death) Aloia defended the City Manager.
And, why not?     Mr. Aloia was in full awareness that the City Manager was being bullied by Aloia's corrupted group of Municipal Mob Henchmen & Enforcers.
It was he, who was pushing most, if not all, of the buttons.
It was Councilman Aloia who did absolutely nothing to save the possessions and the lives of animals (one, an endangered species) after a building fire partially destroyed the original Native American Embassy.
Where does it all end?
Perhaps, only by demolishing the corrupted present form of government, and replacing it with the form of government that the causasoid peoples stole from the Eastern Indians, only to corruot the original; or even, just merely revert back to a period when Garfield and most American governments were less (if any) corrupt.

Coming, is a full story on the corruption of Garfield's and other American Government Officials. Exclusive interviews with appropriate professionals and other experts will be included.

NAENS-11-27-07 0748EDT

Copyright 2003 - 2007: The Native American Embassy News Service (NAENS). The information contained in the NAENS news report may not be published, broadcast, copied in any form, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Native American Embassy News Service or Von Noaker Family Publishing Group.
Being in possession of any such documents and materials without prior written authorization will constitute both the theft and possession of STOLEN PROPERTY and CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION(s) and PROSECITION(s) will ensue!

Garfield, N.J. Municipal Mafia
Garfield Municipal Gangsters
Rule City Hall with Iron Hands,
& Garfield Citizens with Iron Fists
  • Garfield Municipal Gangsters Destroy Lenni Lenape American Indian Church; Lay Waste to Entire 27 Westminster Place Religious Medicine/Prayer Garden

    .c The Native American Embassy News Service (NAENS)

    Garfield, New Jersey Municipal Gangsters (Councilman)Louis Aloia, Sam Garafolo, James Mazzer, and (Councilman)James Krone, along with others, knowing that they were going to completely destroy the Lenape American Indian Church and Prayer Garden at 27 Westminster Place, but realizing that the devistation and community 'eyesore' & devistational 'public image' that they would be creating, especially for the show-and-tell being politically put on with N.J. Governer McGreevey, Senator Sarlo, and numerous other dignitaries schedulaed in Garfield on July 27th, these felons purposely waited until the early morning of July 28, one day after the groundbreaking ceremony for the new 'Calvary Baptist Church' to be built on Passaic Street, just on the opposite side of the street from the American Indian Church Garden on Westminster.
    Even the Mayor, Frank Calandriello, having knowledge of what these criminal felons had planned for after the Governor, Political dignitaries and Spiritual Church Peoples went home,, did nothing to stop this grande carnage of Private and Sacred (Religious) Property and American Civil Rights.

    This grand felonius act was vengfully initiated by both William Whren of 33 Westminster Place who, as confirmed by Garfield police Officers and others within the Garfield Municipal Government, being the, "Biggest Bully in the neighborhood," and, "in Garfield" and Councilman Louis Aloia who, in his own words, voiced his dislike for certain truths about him published by this news service, saying, "You trashed me in your website.
    Did you think I wasn't going to retaliate?"
    In another line of conversation, Mr. Aloia asked, "Weren't You Afraid of Me?"
    Xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx.

    X xxx.

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Article developing.

    ``X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 'Xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx' ... This is not America,'' People's Victory.

    Xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx.

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ``Savage and Barbaric Bullies!''

    ``This may seem very scary,'' a Garfield Taxpayer declared, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. ``Most of the Citizens & Taxpayers of Garfield have come to fear City Hall & Garfield's non-peoples Government and are affraid to fight back or even speak out.''


    The Mob, according to a vast majority of Garfield Citizens, runs Garfield. Xxxxxx x xxx. Several Garfield Citizens and Business Owners have alleged Garfield Municipal Mob Judge 'William Colacino' of either being an owner of a so called 'Gentleman's Club' in Lodi N.J. named Satin Dolls, or has at some time past been an owner of this Bar which peddles and trades for financial gains women's flesh and sexually explicit pornographic internet magazines, among other questionables. Most question what a professional Bar Fly is doing sitting on any American Law Bench. Most that we have interviewed wan't Colocino to either step down or be removed. His eventual removal from the Garfield Municipal Courtroom is being designed in the form of a Votor's referendum to placed on the Local and/or New Jersey ballots in the not-too-distant future. It is time for the People, the Citizens & Taxpayer to VOTE for their Judges as is done in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.
    Petitions are presently being drafted to achieve this goal.

    Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Garfield Councilman Louis Aloia has insulted the entire Hispanic Community with his Rascist attitude and attack on Garfield's Mexican Community. Efforts are underway to bring about his full departure from Garfield City Council and garfield Politics, never to be allowed to return.
    Remember Mr. Aloia during the next elections. VOTE NO to Louis Aloia. He has shown by his own words and actions, or in reality, non-actions, that he does not care for or about the real (rainbow) Majority od Common Citizens and Taxpayers within the City of Tyrany known as Garfield.

    X xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the anti-Municipal Mafia, anti-Municipal Tyrants, Return to Democracy Movement, x xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxx freedom, dignity, justice and a return to a country of 'Rule of the People' instead of the present 'Rule of Law' by the Politicing Tyranical Mobsters who have over the decades seized Law & Power from the Peoples, the Taxpaying Citizens who have vastly come to Fear the very Government(s) which were created to Protect them.

    ``They are animals,'' said Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx, a bystander. ``They are turning us Taxpayers into criminals and victomizing us in everyway they can.'' Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx was quick to point out that we should not bring such dishonor and insult to the animals, that no animal treats its brother and sisters as these corrupt and viscious self-serving politicers do. Humans, on the whole, would be so much better off, to return to a life and living as our animal relations do! Only then, will there ever be World Peace and mutual Respect for all!

    EDITOR'S NOTE - Native American News Service Acting Editor ThunderWolfe Von Noaker prepared this article from the testimonies of numerous citizens, business owners and taxpayers throughout Garfield, some, of which, have in times past been within the political arena in Garfield who have all contributed to this report.

    NAENS-NJ-08-30-2003 01:00-EDT

    Copyright;© 2003: The Native American Embassy News Service (NAENS). The information contained in the NAENS news report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of The Native American Embassy News Service or Von Noaker Family Publishing Group.


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