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Jim Frazey # 8027925
2605 State St.
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Date of birth: ?
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Seminole and Scottish
Release date: February 15- 2016

I am looking for a little sunshine in my life. Someone who is positive, sincere, who
likes to laugh. Someone who likes to make people smile.



Christopher Ackerman # 10930375
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: August 28-1975
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Navajo and Assiniboine Sioux
Release date: January 25-2010

The special qualities that complete the circle of life in this man are as follow: passionate,
caring, sharing, funny, down to earth, easy going, outspoken, faithful, loyal, honest and last
but not least I have a great sense of humor. Some of my favorite pass times are art, cooking
and travelling when itís possible.

Iím looking for a woman that is loyal to a new found friendship. A woman that can lift my
spirits on those cold, dark and lonely nights that seem to be so energy draining. Who knows
this experience may even lead to love destine for two special people.



C. Brown # 10995563
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: October 5-1974
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Lakota Sioux Nation
Release date: June 28-2011

I enjoy giving people smiles and making a difference where I can. I enjoy
intelligent conversations, sports and reading.

Looking for someone intelligent, compassionate, and in need of a good laugh.
Open to all possibilities. Prefer females only.



Wallace I. Perry # 13119896
2500 Westgate Ė E.O.C.I.
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: July 21-1971
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Makah (Washington State)
Release date: May 9-2012

I am close to family, friends and the oean. Interests include fishing,
motorcycles and travelling.

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. Any and all!



Deimian Anraldua # 13978557
2500 West Gate
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: October 17-1981
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Chiricuhua Apache
Release date: October 2-2010

My name is Deimian, pronounced as Damien. Iím 6 feet tall and 190 pounds.
I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I enjoy playing sports and doing
anything outdoors. Iím a pretty laid back, easy going guy that is self-
less, playful and creative. Iím also extremely social and I love meeting
new people. My best characteristic is that I have the ability to see things
from multiple perspectives and I am very conscious to the thoughts and
feelings of others being empathetic and taking other peoplesí ideas into
consideration helps me to make well rounded decisions.

I am seeking correspondence from intelligent, compassionate women who have
a sense of humor. I enjoy talking to people who share common interests with
me. Like a love for the outdoors, being active, any ďboardĒ sports, enjoys
music and are generally optimistic about life.



Aaron HighElk Bostwick # 6870512
82911 Beach Access Rd
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: March 22-1967
Nation/tribal affiliaton: confederated tribe of the Ground Round
Release date: June 24-2015

I am very down to earth. I love camping, fishing and skiing, snow or water.
I am single, 6íí, 197 lbs. I sing and play guitar. Music is a big part of
my life. I am fun to be around and you never know what I might have planned
for fun from minute to minute. Take a chance and write me.

Iím seeking a female pen pal. I want someone who love music, the outdoors and
had a good sense of humor. Age is not very important to me, itís what in the
heart that attracts me. So if you are this person, please feel free to write me.
Iíll be waiting for your letter.



Troy Jones-Ravenwolf # 11733597
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: January 5-1967
Nation/tribal affiliaton: koyukon Athabaskan/Muscogee Creek
Release date: February 4-2009

Commitment to family, friends and my beautiful children. Most ultimately the
medicine of the Creator, traditional life ways as this has been the only con-
sistent truth throughout all of our existence. A life on the Red Road.

Looking for a 25-50 year old woman, race not important, spiritual, healthy,
non-smoker/drinker. For friendship or more if itís positive in a good way.
Outdoors enthusiast, patient and creative. Must enjoy a sense of humor and
be willing to correspond consistently. Open minded.



Henry Michael Cassidy # 14174664
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97301 USA

Date of birth: June 14-1955
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Tribal member of Blackfeet Nation
Release date: November 2008

I am teaching myself Gregg's Shorthand, am secretary of OSP's "LAKOTA
OYATE KI", my particular responsibility is with the "Native Warriors
Guardians of Tomorrow's Youth" (NWGTY), a crime prevention youth
speaking panel. I'm an easy going, self educated advocate of my
people's betterment and future well being. I tend to be a little too
involved in debates regarding this country's policies of negative
impact and discrimination in general. And world history is also of
interest to me. You will love my humor also.

I would like to write someone with similar interests - so long as they
are not Republican (joke). But I'm not really sure - oh, I prefer
Natives, a Blackfeet woman would be nicer still, because I tend to say
rude things about "white people's" world. Not prejudice, I'm partial.



Christopher Robert Woodward # 13268992
Two Rivers Correctional Facility
82911 Beach Access Rd
Umitilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: January 06-1981
Nation/tribal affiliaton: part Cherokee, Jewish, Irish, Scotish
Release date: December 17-2013

Iím 26 years old. I have long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Iíve
been slowly learning my Tsalagi language. I enjoy to write lyrics and
to my 8 yrs old son. Iím real family orientated, I used to be real hard
edged, and now Iím for the most part calm and quiet and enjoy friends
and companion who are the same.

Iím more interested in a companion or a close friend, to build a solid
friendship with during and after my stay in this iron lodge. Iím open
for whoever comes, especially along the lines of intelligent and warm
natured soul.



Justin Edward Adolph # 15931950
Two Rivers Correctional Institution
82911 Beach Access Rd
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: February 03-1981
Nation/tribal affiliaton: part Spokane, Collville, Scotish, Norwegian
Release date: January 08-2009

Iím compassionate, caring and spontaneous. I have an open ear and heart and am
nonjudgemental. My hobbies are: music, art, traveling and writing. I also like
to stay in shape by exercising. I have a good personality. I like to have fun
and make people laugh. Iím also studying my native ďSalishĒ tounge.

Iím looking for someone I can be more than friends with if the opportunity presents
itself. Someone who is willing to stand by my side thru these difficult times and
someone to help me enjoy the good times. Dog lovers and tattoos/piercings are a
big plus. Hope to hear from you (18 to 50 yrs old) soon!



John Williams # 11330311
Two Rivers Correctional Institution
82911 Beach Access RD
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: December 21-1970
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Chippewa/French Canadian
Release date: January 15-2013

I'm a laid back person. Funloving type. I like fishing and hiking,
just doing fun stuff. I like working with wood and painting, I'm
a painter by trade. I love cooking, I cook as often as I can. I
am very outgoing as well.

I like any kind of pen pal, I'm not judgemental.



Brandon Forrest Sackett # 15422721
2605 State St.
Salem, OR 97310-0505 USA

Date of birth: April 29-1985
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Chippewa
Release date: September 17-2009

Iím an easy going up front person, I like to make people laugh, I am a very out
door type of person. I love riding ATVís I like to read and write letters.

I would like to meet someone thatís honest, respectful and open minded. Someone
that enjoys the outdoors, likes swimming and hunting. Someone that will stay a
reliable companion/friend.



William Nunn # 7343318
2605 State St.
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Date of birth: January 25-1968
Nation/tribal affiliation: Creek/Seminole
Release date: 2023

I was raised in Alaska, and worked on fishing boats for a living.
I learned the fishing trade from my father. My hobbies are jewelry.
My handcrafts are beautiful silver jewelry and I use a variety of
stones in my designs. I'm easy going, honest and understanding.
I don't drink, do drugs or smoke. I like the outdoors and wildlife.

Looking for somebody who is honest and understanding about me being
in this place. Someone who just wants to be happy, I'm in need of a friend!

Here is is the page where my jewelry is displayed:



Michael Booker # 7073412
Oregon State Prison
2605 State ST.
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Date of birth: December 4- 1967
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Release date: December 30- 2009

I am open minded and love to have fun and laugh around. A good and
real solid person. Not into headgames, always keep it real. I like
to swim and take long drives, cooking, camp out, kick back at home
and watch movies.

I am looking for an open minded person who doesn't play headgames or
games with the heart. Race, sex, looks don't matter, just keep it
real and honest.



Jimmy Cupples # 7184873
82911 Beach Acces Rd
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: March 31- 1961
Nation/tribal affiliation: Native American/ Scottish
Release date: Min 2008 - Max 2010

I'm very spiritual, I seek practise and preserve my spiritual
growth through my Native culture and heritage. I'm in here be-
cause of counterfeiting forgery and identity theft. My hobbies
are running, fishing, funny movies and I'm very outdoors. I am
an up front kind of man. I enjoy people, children and animals.
I learn, do, and teach everyday. I avoid mean people. My goals
are to stay out of prison and off drugs. To become a counselor
and to help people to understand that there is always hope.

I hope to find that special lady to grow old with and enjoy
life with. I am also interested in meeting people who are well
grounded and down to earth.



Andrew Sisson # 61997065
P.O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959 USA

Date of birth: August 7-1967
Nation/tribal affiliation: Maopin - Warmsprings, Oregon
Release date: February 11- 2015 (fed) Life at state

I enjoyreading, the outdoursand photography. I grew up in the woods,
hunting and fishing with plenty of time horse backing, Aeross Mt's.

Looking for someone who would like to take me on vicarious trips.
Someone who likes to receive mail instead of bills a few days a week.
I try to make the most out of each day, life is too short not to
smile and enjoy every moment!



Johnny "Sky" Butler # 6811911
3405 Deerpark Drive S.E.
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Date of birth: April 9-1965
Nation/tribal affiliation: Roque River Tututni (Siletz)
Release date: June 3-2008

I'm a traditional dancer, drummer and singer of my ancestral ways.
I'm 5'4", weigh 151 lbs. Am Native on my father's side and Irish on
my mother's side. I have brown hair and hazel/green eyes.

I would just like to meet other people from other nations to possibly
share in each other's cultures. I am very traditional and spiritual
and would like to possibly correspond with someone that is also
spiritual, and sincere & honest. Prefer females and would like to
continue corresponding after my release



Jesse James Lee Harrington # 12766703
Oregon DOC Inmate Institution
82911 Beach Acces Road
Umatilla, OR 97882 USA

Date of birth: August 20 - 1979
Nation/tribal affiliation: Enrolled member of the Klamath Tribe
Release date: May 18-2008

I'm likable and easy to get along with. I enjoy meeting new people,
I love to exercise and play a variety of sports. I like drawing and
working, like to have fun, laugh and share my goals and ambitions
with others!

I look for a pen pal with similar interests, who's outgoing, funny,
open and honest. One who won't mind sharing pictures and letters
with someone who's incarcerated. We'll let our friendship grow from
there, preferably between 18-45 years of age.



Bryan C. Mitchell # 12917788
S.R.C.I 777 Stanton Boulevard
Ontario, OR 97914 USA

Date of birth: 09-21-1981
Nation/tribal affiliation: Modoc & Klamath
Release Date: 2021

My hobbies & interests are poetry, great books (non fiction preference)
sports, weight training, running. I'm also into tribal politics, economics,
and most recent theories of brain, mind, bulletin books. I am doing 20 years
under 3 charges. I'm a spiritual person and I don't connect well with fake
or phony people.

My reason of wanting a pen pal is because I don't have anyone to write to
here in the U.S.A. Want to write with females and want to continue
writing after release



Franklin Joseph Harris # 3275146
S.R.C.I 777 Stanton Boulevard
Ontario, OR 97914 USA

Date of birth: 11-10-1944
Nation/tribal affiliation: Sioux Fox & Shawnee
Release Date: June 6 - 2010

Hobbies & interests are art, hunting, fishing, making things with my hands,
beadwork, and I like to read a lot. To be truthful I am lonely and being
single for a number of years now. I thought it was time to reach and found
someone else in the same state of mind as myself. My kids are grown now and
my wife died of cancer while I have been on lock down.

I'm interested in corresponding with females, and learning about your
country and the people over there. Want to continue writing after release.
With respect, Franklin



Thomas Cly # 02186-081 
Federal Correction Institution 
P.O. Box 5000 
Sheridan, OR 97378 USA

Date of birth: born in 1965 
Nation/tribal affiliation: Dine (Navajo) 
Release date: 2018

I am incarcerated in a Federal Corrections Institute and presently at
Oregon. I have always been fascinated by countries such as Europe and
it surrounding countries.

Looking for someone to correspond with. Wish to correspond? Are you the
person that wants to enlighten this Native of the wonders of your land?
Are you the one who wishes to help me build a friendship beyond these
fences. Write me Looking for someone to correspond with. Sincerely Thomas



Charles M. Keenan # 5835726
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801 USA

Date of birth: 09-26-1960
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Release date: Feb 2010

Hello! My name is Charles M. Keenan. I am a 42 year old Native American from
Oklahoma. I am Cherokee and try to live by the old ways, but it is hard. I am
6'3"tall, weight about 230. I have shoulder length brown natural curly hair, 
and hazel eyes. I am single, never married (yet) My hobbies and interests
includes traveling, writing letters, meeting new people, long walks in the
mountains, riding and raising horses. I like being outdoors, and spending time
with that someone special. I am very easy going, open minded, enjoy a good laugh
and a warm smile. I will answer any all and all letters. I like to read, listen
to music, country old classic rock, blues and Jazz. When released I plan on re-
starting me a large horse ranch way out in the Country. Please write soon!!
Thank you


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