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Timothy John Benda # 177817
OAKS Correctional Facility
1500 Caberfae Highway
Manistee, MI 49660-9200 USA

Date of birth: November 1-1961
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Cheyenne
Release date: 2014

I love honesty, working for a living, monster trucks, learning Native
American history and language, drawing, making greeting cards, romantic
walks on beach or in woods, cuddling and doing whatever my girlfriend
likes and wants to (when I get a girlfriend). Spoiling and being spoiled
by my queen (when I get one), receiving tattoo patterns/designs, doing
and getting tattoos, nature, etc.

Im looking for a single, honest, sincere, serious relationship and
eventually marriage minded life giver (woman) but also welcome all
correspondence. Id love to find my soulmate/wife. Looks and weight
not important, Im after your inner beauty. I prefer to be called TJ
please. Thank you. Please send picture; am not allowed to receive
Polaroid pictures.



Carlos Steven Shaugobay # 451573
1500 caberfae Hwy
Manistee, MI 49660-9200 USA

Date of birth: January 13-1979
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Chippewa (Mille Lacs Band)
Release date: September 24-2017

I'm 5'11", 210 pounds. I like to read and study literature. I also
like to cook and keep in shape. I have a good sense of humor but I
still take life seriously. I'm an open minded type of guy.

It does not matter whoever wants to write and build something.



Ronald G. Gillis Jr. # 169878
Kinross Correctional Facility
16770 Water Tower Drive
Kincheloe, MI 49788 USA

Date of birth: December 3-1959
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Ojibwe
Release date: July-2012

I'm fun loving, romantic, affectionate (like cuddling & holding
hands). I do Native American crafts & beadwork. I love animals and
the wilderness. I am involved in Indian spirituality. I want to be
happy just being myself. I like to joke around because laughter is
good for the soul.

I'm looking for a fun loving woman, who is true to herself, is happy
just being her own person! One with a true heart with a lot of passion
for love and life. If you are this earth angel and if you would like
to really get to know me, please write! Photographs are very welcome!




Larry Lehna # 248145
Corrections Camp Ottawa
216 Gendron Road
Iron River, MI 49935 USA

Date of birth: June 11- 1950
Nation/tribal affiliation: Native/white
Release date: earliest: March 15- 2009 max: May 1- 2028

I am 55 years old. I have served 7 years of a 10 year sentence. I dont
have much in the way of family out there and my so called friends have
pretty much forgotten me after 7 years. Most of the people in here arent
worth talking to. I sometimes play chess and scrabble. I spend most of
my free time reading. On the outside I made my living as a painter or a
carpenter. In here I work as a cook. I actually enjoy cooking on a much
smaller scale, like for two. I keep myself reasonable fit. I am not really
bald, I shaved my head as the result of a bad prison haircut. I am a
decent guy and there are few people in here I can relate to.

I am looking to meet someone for correspondence and a possible lifetime



Darrell Simpson # 242164
G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility 
3510 N Elm Street 
Jackson, MI 49201-8877 USA

Date of birth: November 18 - 1956
Nation/tribal affiliation: Lakota/ Chippewa
Release date: parole September 8-2008

I am spiritual minded and I believe in the old ways of life. I am not lazy
but like to take things slowly. I have four children but am divorced at
present. I am looking for the right person to have an enjoyable life along
the side of myself, but not marriage at this time but that does not say that
could not be possible in the future for we do not know what tomorrow brings
us. I love to do all things in nature that can be done. I fear no one except
the Creator. I have been taught many different religious ways but only believe
to follow the natural way of the RED ROAD. I am looking for someone to write
to that can talk openly about anything in letters to me, and maybe more after
I get the chance to get out of prison. I do believe there is someone out there
who cares enough to talk without feeling disillusioned about what is said. I
am very open and honest as I am aloud to be. I am not a fighter but, as they
say, a lover, a kind heart. I am looking for the same type of person who is
stable in life and stable spiritually.



David Klenoski # 161807
3510 North Elm Street
Jackson, MI 49201-8877 USA

Date of birth: April 1-1958
Nation/tribal affiliation: Chippewa
Release Date: May 2011

I'm six foot, 183 pounds. For the past eight years I was transcribing school
textbooks from print format into Braille for blind students. I enjoy sports of
all kinds, but my favorite is swimming. I love the open air of spacious country
sides. I'm a quiet and somewhat serious sort of person. I enjoy helping others
and am a good manager and problem solver. I'm a good listener and am sensitive
to other's feelings. I'm fairly open minded and interested in new ideas and
/or ways. I enjoy reading, mostly mystery type novels or good fictions. I enjoy 
music from the 70's and 80's.

I'm interested in developing friendship of all kinds. My main goal is to acquire 
companionship with a female for possible future relationship. I also want to
learn more about different cultures and how others feel about current affairs
around the world. And most important I'd want correspondence with people who
are of the beliefs in Christianity and the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Copyright Jessie Metz