John Harlon Alexander # 242180
Cell FL Bed 34a
Droper Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1107
Elmore, AL 36025 USA

Date of birth: November 4-1983
Nation/tribal affiliaton: Napoa/Cherokee Blood-line
Release date: January 16-2010

I am very outgoing with a sense of humor to match. My spiritual name is Smiling
Wind. I am 6í, 150 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. I love outdoors hunting, fishing,
camping and racing (motor cycles, Imports, ATVís). I enjoy shooting pool and all
sorts plants. I did landscaping and agricultural design before my incarceration.

Looking for a female, between the age of 19 and 35. Preferable single. Children
are optional (I have 2 of my own whom I love). So she must at least like children
or be willing to try. Pen pal is sought but must be willing to give a relation-
ship a try if it should present itself. Outgoing and not afraid to be herself.



Larry Roy # 192299
Holman Unit 5-113
Atmore, AL 36503 USA

Date of birth: August 26-1941
Nation/tribal affiliation: ?
Release date: none

 I am a Native American looking for some interested person (s) to help me
sell some of my wood carvings/sculptures so I can pay an attorney to help
prove I am innocent of the crime I am serving time forÖI have an excellent
work history and have no prior convictions. I take no medication and I
exercise regularly. My hobbies include painting and sculptures. I am of
the Catholic faith and I am presently working my hobbies to pay for an
attorney who will help me prove I am actually innocent and falsely convicted
for the crime I am in prison for.

I would love to correspond with an honest and caring person who is lonely
for someone who can bring new light into their lives. Only sincere persons
may contact me at the address provided in this add. Smile! And stay beautiful!



Ricky L. Smith # 1-46-111680
3700 Holman
Atmore, Al 36503 USA

Date of birth: December 11- 1956
Nation/tribal affiliation: part Cherokee
Release date: Life sentence

I am a Native American part Cherokee and I go by the name here
in prison name ďhalf breedĒ. I am 48 years old, 6í1Ē and weight
226 lbs, hazel eyes. Iíve been in on life sentence for 23 years.

Iím looking for a true friend that I can see the world through
these hazel eyes. I like pop rock, football, volleyball. I like
the outdoor camping and fishing and good down to earth movies. Do
you like these things? Oh yes, and Iím bisexual also and would love
to hear from down to earth people in the USA


Johnny Wayne Freeman # 221143
Draper Correctional Center Ė 3 cell Bed 143
P.O. Box 1107
Elmore, AL 36025 USA

Date of birth: February 5-1971
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee Ė not enrolled
Release date: April 26 - 2016

Easy going, polite, kind, generous. Hobbies: fishing, hunting, listening to
classical music, country music. Light brown hair, brown eyes, weigh 200, 6 ft.

I like to write with a female that enjoys, classical and country music.
Age 25-40.



Douglas L. Crouch # 183100
Draper Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 1107
3 Cell, 128 Bed
Elmore, AL 36025-1107 USA

Date of birth: February 20 - 1967
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Release date: February 25 - 2015

I'm 6'0, graying brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, 160 lbs., mature 37
years old, incarcerated Native American. I have an easy going personality
with a touch of carnival antics. I like sports, music, movies, horses,
hunting, and the great outdoors. I love the Great Mystery (God), family,
and good friends. My hobbies are hot rod automobiles. I am interested in
developing a strong and deep spiritual relationship with the Great Mystery
(God), strong family ties, a strong personal relationship and strong

I would like any pen pal willing to write, and share their hopes, dreams,
culture, and spiritual awakening. I believe the Great Mystery (God) wants
all people to communicate, share their hopes, dreams, cultures, and spiritual
understandings. A lack of understanding and knowledge breeds fear for the



Sonny M Clements # 202083
Draper C.C. 7 cell bed 151
P.O. Box 1107
Elmore AL 36025 USA

Date of birth: November 18-1979
Nation/tribal affiliation: Not sure (see ad)
Release date: September 2018

Iím not sure about my Nation. Iím on my quest to find it. Iím half Asian
(Korean), Native American, and French (Cajun). My father side is Cajun,
and my motherís side is Korean.

Looking for anybody who would be willing to communicate with me, also any
body who would be willing to help me find my Native American heritageÖ



Billy Joe Mitchell # 207548
8 AD 14 B
28779 Nick Davis Road
Harvest, AL 35749 USA

Date of birth: August 3-1979
Nation/tribal affiliation: Full Blood Cherokee ancestry
Release date: 2016

I'm of Native American descent, and I'm a member of a group called N.A.P.O.A
which stands for Native American Prisoners Of Alabama. I am 6'0", 180 lbs,
brown hair, blue yes, medium build. I like working on cars, playing sports
(baseball, softball, football, volleyball & basketball) fishing, camping,
watching movies & cooking. I believe that everyone has something that they
can teach the next person. Well, I would like to learn as much as I can.

I love to communicate with people, I don't get much mail and a pen pal would
help me keep up with the world outside. So when I get out I will not have an
overwhelming feeling; I will already know what to expect! I prefer females!

Me & my mother:


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James Michael Moore # 186345-E1-22A
3700 Holmen
Atmore, AL 36503 USA

Date of birth: December 25-1973
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee & Creek ancestry
Release date: Life without Parole

Hello, my name is James Michael Moore. Iím 32 years old. Iím six feet
tall, dark hair, brown eyes. I love to read, Iíve read a lot over the
years but I mostly enjoy adventures. Iím into rock music but I have a
taste for it all and I love animals and the outdoors. Iím of mix blood,
my father was Cherokee and my mother was half Creek and half white. My
Native American name is Crowís gift. Iím in a Alabama prison, Iím ser-
ving life without parole and have been since 1993 and Iím looking for
a friend, someone too weather the storm of incarceration with me. Some-
one with a strong mind, a kind heart and plenty of spare time. ladies
most certainly welcome. I would like to look at the world through your
eyes. Most of you only know about prison from what you see in the movies
but Iím sure you donít know the hell this kind of life is. You can only
imagine how devastating it must be when you find out that you are no
longer wanted and that your whole life is taking away from you, and not
just for a few years but for the rest of your life. And how it is when
friends and family are giving up in the long run. To know how it feels
to be dispelled from society into imprisonment and to be judged as so-
meone who does not fit in anymore, you canít imagine what itís like to
make such a big mistake according to society that people donít trust
you to be in their midst any longer and I truly need a friend if youíre
out there. For me friendship is all about honesty and taking an interest
in the other person and have a sense of togetherness. I do like a joke
but itís not necessary to try to entertain me, I like to meet the real
you. LaterÖ



Joseph Teer #1 62089
1000 St Clair Rd 
Springville AL 35146-5582 USA

Date of birth: November 17-1961
Nation/tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Release date: none

I am a very open and honest person I don't try to hide anything about
myself. If anyone wants to know something about me just ask. I like
sports. I love outdoors and I love to hunt and fish.

What I am looking for is a female pen pal who has an open mind and
shares some of the same interests that I have. Someone that I can
share my thoughts and feelings with. I like to get to know people 
and what they think and feel about life.

Sincerely Joseph


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